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Develop A Close Relationship 
With Their Child 

Positivity Influence Their Childs Behavior (And Have Their Children Seek Out Their Help!) 
Re-connect with their child and 
re-build their family no matter how 
bad things have gotten! 

What You Get:

  • ​Full Video Training (Available To View Immediately Online… Lifetime Access!)
  • ​Two Full Workbooks To Walk You Through Both Parts Of The Course: Connection & Credibility 
  • ​‘What To Do In A Crisis Guide’ - Free Guide On What To Do When Times Get Tough!
  • ​Parenting Styles Self-Assessment Tool
  • ​Custom Designed ‘Play Your Cards Right’ Card Deck - Practical Tips On Each Card For Creating Stronger Relationships & A Better Home Atmosphere
  • Audio Downloads Available For Listening Anytime 


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"Is Dr. Todd Corelli Worth It?"
Read Other Expert Reviews About Dr. Todd And His Expertise… 

Alaina - Therapist

“Working with Dr. Todd is like a breath of fresh air and a warm hug, all put together in one. Todd brings together his knowledge, skills, and expertise in a warm, sensitive, applicable way that will make everyone feel they can do this.”

Ty - Therapist

“Professionally, it's been so fantastic to work with Dr. Todd because in addition to that genuine character that he carries around, he's also built such a wealth of knowledge. He's an incredibly intelligent person, who's insightful, reads people well, and all of that plays into what I think of as his superpower, which is his ability to connect with and work with kids and families, and bring so much clarity and understanding and direction to them.”

Amy - Therapist

“Working with Todd is like working with a trusted friend who understands that our intentions may be good, but sometimes our behaviors as parents are misguided. So he seems to have the ability to ask just the right questions, to help us understand ourselves better and to be able to see and hear our children more clearly. I would recommend him highly.”
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